Cocoa Nibs


kr 96,-


If you are a dark chocolate fan and love natural cocoa textures and flavours, this is for you.
The amazing 72% Araguani gran crus chocolate from Venezuela is finished with roasted cocoa nibs to give you a natural and crunchy texture.


Araguani 72% mørk sjokolade fra Venuzuela. kakoamasse , kakoasmør, brunsukker, kakoa nibs, soya lecitin, vanilje,
Kan inneholde spor av nøtter, gluten, lactose, eggeprotein.


We recommend trying an Indian Pale Ale (Vestfjorden fra Bådin Bryggeri),
or a Stout (Svartisen or Svartvatn fra Bådin Bryggeri)
These are both great options to pair with this bar.